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Virtual reality (VR), real-time, 3D models and kinematics, scalability, user experience (UX) and user interface (UI). You've heard it all before. Now we have combined these elements into something new -- a complete, integrated and groundbreaking service that allows you to acquire Virtuxity, a totally new way of experiencing products or processes that outsmarts anything you have ever seen.

We welcome you onboard to take a ride to the land of Virtux, where you will discover new and exciting possibilities. First, what's Virtux? Virtux is a scalable, virtual reality, real-time, kinematics 3D experience around your products and processes. It is as if you had your products at hand, along with unimagined new possibilities. Unlike a presentation or a video clip, Virtux is fully controllable, interactive and real-time. Virtux Solutions combine scalability and cost efficiency with unmatched flexibility and ease of use. It's an amazingly innovative approach to presenting products or processes because it allows full real-time interaction with any kind of content. Virtux Solutions' straightforward and innovative pricing model, full scalability characteristics and platform independence make your virtualization investment far more affordable and cost effective than you would expect.

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Why - Market trends

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How – Back to the future

The market is eager for lean and rapidly deployable solutions to serve the needs of digital natives who are perceptive to virtual real-time experiences. In a world where cost-efficiency and flexibility are key to success, Virtux not only provides for significant savings in transportation costs, but also helps bolster a company's "innovative and green" image while expanding its worldwide presence. Virtux has a concrete and realistic answer to the market's key requirement for cost-effectiveness.

Given the very broad applications of Virtux, a wide range of industrial sectors could take advantage of Virtux Solutions. Virtux offers diverse, unimagined applications, whether you want to provide global delivery of experience, save on transportation costs, increase sales flexibility, find new and attention-getting ways of explaining your products, give your sales force a powerful and attracting storytelling tool, look innovative, attract smart people or employees, participate in dedicated events or symposia where no dangerous, bulky, complex, micro/nano items can be exhibited, show in-depth production processes which otherwise cannot be visited or made visible. Take a look at our customer needs and Virtux USPs & Benefits matrix to learn more about the many application options and the needs that Virtux can satisfy.

Taking an example from gaming technologies, we merged the typical real-time interactivity of computer games into our proprietary AiW® engine to run it on objects or processes and experience them in exciting new ways regardless of their size, from nano to colossal. Virtux lets you hold, collide, explode, flip, split, rotate, open, see through or isolate components of virtualized 3D modeled objects in a completely interactive and fully controllable way with simple gestures of your hands, motion devices or other controls which we can customize at will. Based on our proprietary AiW® real time engine technology, Virtux covers a broad variety of applications from simple but sophisticated real time product presentation to the experiencing of complex processes.

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