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As a one-stop agency we offer you the complete range of inflight services to get you to the land of Virtux. They include consulting, content design and development, and running your Virtux real-time virtualized models and kinematics projects via our proprietary AiW® rendering engine. By entrusting the whole production chain to us, you will benefit from extra time you can invest in your business activities and, most of all, you won't have to bother about technology issues and dealing with a number of products and suppliers. You can choose to set up a project team of specialists to work with us on your Virtux experience.

Consulting Virtux Solutions Content Virtux Solutions Technology Virtux Solutions

We do not expect you to take a leap of faith. That's why we meet with you to identify your needs, draw a digital route, set up a budget and calculate the ROI of your Virtuxity investment. Whatever the purpose of the project – in-house user training and sales support or impressing your audience with an awesome user experience (UX) at trade shows or showrooms – the Maison Grise Company will find the best way to steer you there while taking all your wishes into consideration. And, of course, our effective project management ensures that your Virtux project follows clearly defined processes and reaches the desired level of Virtuxity. We make sure that key aspects such as a successful digital strategy, a consistent brand and product experience and an effective marketing and communication strategy contribute to the success of this pleasant journey.

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In this step Virtux Solutions also come into play. We select, arrange, adapt and, if necessary, create all the content and elements that your Virtux project requires. We incorporate your CAD production files, kinematics and any other multimedia content into the virtualization process to obtain a real time ready, virtualized 3D model. We consider the geometry, materials, textures, lighting, kinematic actions, sounds, videos, infographics and any other relevant aspect of your storytelling in the design of your Virtux landscape. Our aim is to convey an unprecedented and beyond the ordinary user experience by relying on flexible user interfaces and input devices that ensure both fun and ease of use. And, needless to say, we will do all this considering your corporate design elements to make sure you and your brand are recognized immediately by your customers.

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Our proprietary AiW® rendering engine brings your virtual reality experience to the next level. We do the programming work to visualize, set actions, enable human model interaction and motion controls within your Virtux content. Virtux experience runs on multiple platforms and provides you with all the flexibility you need to address a large variety of situations and configurations. Regardless of the platforms (operating systems) on which your hardware runs, your Virtux will look and work the same way on all platforms. Virtux is fully scalable, from a simple real-time 3D model and kinematic experience visualizer to a highly sophisticated, customer-owned ad-hoc app that can be linked to databases, repositories or cloud servers.

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