How to get there

Originality and pragmatism:

With originality and pragmatism we keep things easy for you. That’s why we pay special attention to our 4D approach. First, we want to explore your company and your industry to get a clear picture of your products, solutions and target groups. Your input is valuable in obtaining an accurate definition of your wishes and needs, which we can translate into goals and deliverables. In the subsequent design and development phase we turn your products’ CAD files and any other relevant multimedia content into a fully controllable 3D virtualized product. Then, in the delivery phase, which runs parallel to the development phase, we can focus on reviewing and checking the content against the creative standards we set with you. We work with one goal in mind: to safely reach the land of Virtux and create your own beyond the ordinary experience.

The four “D”

Research, analyze & understand

We pay special attention to getting a clear picture of your company, your product and the industry you are in. For we believe that a thorough understanding of your business, your needs and wishes is key to charting your journey.

Identify needs, wishes & direction

Based on the knowledge we gained about your company, your industry and your needs we set realistic goals and plan how to reach them. For any journey, once begun, must reach its destination.

Create, innovate & develop

Once the path is set, we can set off towards the land of Virtux. We design, adapt, virtualize, model, explain… while safely following a clearly set path.

Sample, test & fine-tune

Once we are at the end of our journey, we want to make sure that we have achieved all the goals. That’s where we go the extra mile and won’t let go until everything is as you wanted it to be.