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Our proprietary AiW® rendering engine combines the real time virtual reality and kinematics with the real-time interactivity and dynamic characteristics that are typical of most popular gaming engines. Our AiW® rendering engine enlivens your CAD files and turns any other available multimedia content into a powerful visual and tactile experience.


Based on our innovative and attractive pricing model: we offer to all our active customers a free license on our real-time AiW® proprietary rendering engine. As a customer, you remain the sole proprietor of your virtualized files. Besides, real time-ready files are based on a technology (3ds) that is available worldwide to the public. Nothing stands in your way if you decide to switch to another provider. In this case, you will simply have to decide if you prefer to buy the license to use AiW® or replace it with an alternative engine of your choice. Nothing stands in your way if you decide to further develop your existing Virtux app.

Electronic Devices

& OSs

The real time-ready virtualization processing meets the AiW® requirements to run on any of the commonly available platforms. No need to create special versioning of the real time virtualized model as the ready to play source file is the same among all platforms and operating system. That means that you might have Windows desktops and your sales force use mixed equipment, Apple or Android, in which case the only necessary work is to develop the shell app—according to your desired OS—that will contain and host the AiW® rendering engine. Your one time content investment will be shared seamlessly. The AiW® rendering engine works as a native cross-platform module. You, and of course your IT department, won't have to worry about any technology issues.